Fútbol y Tacos

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer Last Friday the Latin American Business and Culture Club and the Thunderbird Football Club teamed up to host what was probably the most successful event, besides regional night, so far this semester. I recount the day’s events below: Fridays are supposed to be easy here at Camp Thunderbird, at least […]

The Thunderbird Mystique

By Jake Strickler, Co-editor I’ve spent the last week or so poring over the archives of this rag, working on a big “Best Of” project that’s taking form out of 45 years of old, yellowed mimeographed newspapers. In doing so, I’ve learned more than I needed to, or at least probably more than I should […]

Burners Without Borders

By Alex Marino, Staff Writer IT’S TIME TO GO HOME! For those of you unfamiliar with underground counterculture, Burning Man is it; the venue of solace where your inner self comes alive in a reinvigorating journey of self-awareness and self-identification. “Burners” simply call this “going home.” Going home means leaving the socially constructed reality that […]

Denim Day

By Lauren Herber, Co-Editor Think back to when you were a teenager. Acne, prom, crushes, braces. Remember those days? Imagine that you’re a teenager again. You’re 18, high school sucks, and all you want is to have your driver’s license so you can get some space from your overbearing parents and hang out with your […]

Get Out of Glendale: Musical Instrument Museum

By Emma Livingston, Co-editor Music is the language of the soul. These words are emblazoned across the entrance of the Musical Instruments Museum (MIM), “The World’s Only Global Instrument Museum” is located, conveniently enough, only 20 minutes down the road from Thunderbird School of Global Management. So, when differing cultural concepts of time are threatening […]

My Saving Grace

By Jeff Karlick, Guest Writer To Whom It May Concern: Grace Rowe deserves to be recognized for multiple reasons. It goes without saying that Grace is an exemplary employee [at the Commons]. She has been a staple of the Thunderbird community for nearly two decades. In the midst of an overly exhausting workweek, Grace is […]

Job Opportunities Back Home

By Makarand Gawade, Staff Writer Being an international student in the US, I have experienced the uncertainty and frustration that come from a job search, mainly due to visa sponsorship. H-1B visa cap and now the lottery system (random selection) make the job search more daunting for international students. Increasingly more and more US employers […]

Holi Colors the World

By Chaitra Somasundar, Staff Writer On March 19, T-Birds walked into the Rugby Field to celebrate the festival of colors organized by the India Subcontinent Club (ISCC). Students wore white outfits, applied rainbow colors on each other and splashed water while dancing to casual Bollywood music. This was followed by all of us devouring “samosas”, […]

Mark Your Calendar

By Lauren Herber, Co-Editor Spring is finally here! Get out your calendar–whether it’s electronic, paper, or mental–so you don’t miss these exciting events! Thursday, March 31 Thunderbird’s 70th anniversary–the topic of all those emails you’ve been getting–is upon us: you’ve got just a few days left to prepare! So don’t miss this opportunity to hone […]

A Tryst with Fossil Creek

By Makarand Gawade, Staff Writer I must admit that Fossil Creek is one of the most beautiful places I have been to in Arizona! I traveled to Phoenix for the first time in March 2014 for a Thunder-preview weekend. When I landed at Sky Harbor, I was depressed to see arid mountains all around; I […]