My Saving Grace

By Jeff Karlick, Guest Writer

To Whom It May Concern:

Grace Rowe deserves to be recognized for multiple reasons.

It goes without saying that Grace is an exemplary employee [at the Commons]. She has been a staple of the Thunderbird community for nearly two dBF5D6FF9-CA11-4C49-ADE5-F83A747FAE63ecades. In the midst of an overly exhausting workweek, Grace is always there, offering much needed pick-me-ups to students and faculty alike.

To be clear, Grace’s boosts are not all caffeine related. She emotes happiness. She exudes compassion. She cares about each and every visitor, and it doesn’t just show—it radiates, and it’s contagious. Her friendliness cultivates a sense of community in her corner of Thunderbird Commons. Grace’s kindness inspires reciprocity. I’ve formed friendships over shared appreciation for just how great she is.

From an employer’s perspective, it should be noted that Grace has regulars. I should know—I’m one of them. It’s not because my turkey sandwiches taste better when she makes them than when anyone else does, even though I swear they do. It’s not because she makes the best Americano this side of the Mississippi, and I am prepared to fight anyone who says otherwise.

It’s because I never leave Grace’s station without a smile on my face. No one does. She brings out the best in us, just by being Grace.

For that, more than anything, Grace Rowe deserves to be recognized.


Jeff Karlick

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