Get to Know Our Executive MBAs

By Emma Livingston, Co-Editor Imagine having a full course load, participating in Thunderbird’s intensive TEM Lab, and taking part in whirlwind international trips, all while dealing with the stresses and work load of an executive-level full-time job. Meet Thunderbird’s Executive MBA students, a diverse, accomplished cohort who come to the Thunderbird campus every other weekend […]

All Roads Lead to Cambridge

By Chris White, Guest Writer Take 31 schools from across the globe, throw in an ethical debate, short shorts, a performing arts charity, and you have yourself the 2016 International Business Ethics Case Competition. This April, five T-birds from the MGM ‘17 Spring cohort will sojourn to Cambridge, Massachusetts to debate the essence of business ethics […]

San Francisco: Tips and Tricks

By Lauren Herber, Co-Editor A few weekends ago I took a four-day trip to the charming city of San Francisco with my two roommates, one of whom lived in SF for several years before moving to Phoenix. The city is full of fun things like trendy foods (think sushirritos- a sushi burrito), glute-burning hills, colorful […]

Cadillac Desert Revisited

By Jake Strickler, Staff Writer While driving from Phoenix to Las Vegas, something becomes clear: the farther you get from major population centers, the extremity of the desolation is severe. This is not atypical of the American West. There’s a lot of space in these parts, and those who live in the region cluster around […]

Hustling for the Dream Job

By Drew Himmelreich, Guest Writer Hustling for the dream job: One MBA student’s attempt to turn heads at his favorite company. My name is Drew Himmelreich. I am an MBA candidate with a concentration in marketing at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Career decisions for me have always been driven by my passions. As […]

Global Private Equity Industry

By Makarand Gawade, Staff Writer  In the last module I took a class of Global Private Equity by Professor Gary Gibbons. I must say, this was an excellent course and I began to understand the multiple dimensions of the realm of private equity (PE). I believe this is a very interesting space and a lucrative […]

Mark Your Calendar

By Lauren Herber, Co-Editor Welcome back from spring break, everyone! I hope you’re feeling refreshed, because it’s time to dive back into the semester. Get your calendars out to update them so you don’t miss these upcoming events! Thursday, March 17 Come out to the Fish to celebrate International Women’s Day TONIGHT! The actual holiday […]

Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner… in Argentina

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer How to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner in Jesus Maria, Argentina in 38 Simple Steps 1. Decide early on that Thanksgiving would be a cool way to share your culture with your Argentine family and friends. 2. Procrastinate until Thanksgiving day is only a week away. 3. Realize that there are only […]

Check out These Free Smartphone Apps

By Chaitra Somasundar, Staff Writer Apps fit into our lifestyle with ease in today’s smartphone dominated world. Apps have not only made our day-to-day lives easier, but are connecting us to the outside world as well. But are we really leveraging this piece of technology fully? Is using Facebook and Twitter the sole purpose of our […]

T-bird Tales: American in Cuba

By Alex Marino, Staff Writer Cuban social relations exhibit an amazing level of cultural authenticity; an authenticity which is genuinely extended to every traveler visiting the island. Before arrival, my perception of Cuba was skewed by anti-Communist and anti-Revolutionary propaganda that flooded the media throughout the now 58-year US embargo and travel ban. Pro-Revolutionary sentiments, socialist […]