A Note Before the Holidays

By Janhavi Hunnur, Staff Writer

Along with fun, holidays tend to be a period of contemplation and new beginnings. It becomes a time to reopen our checklists and measure our progress. Some lessons are hard and take time to learn. If we experience an event repeating itself, it’s simply because we haven’t yet learned our lesson from it. One lesson has always been that the easiest road will be the hardest. The easiest path seems simple because of its hidden difficulties, which will surface later in the process because we tend to not understand the intricacies. Small and regular habits are more assuring of success than an infrequent home run. It’s easy to talk the talk, but walking the talk is more commendable and is promising of success. Waiting for that one day or that auspicious Monday will only delay success. Self-awareness and knowledge is always more valuable than personal achievements. Knowing oneself and navigating towards everything we want to learn is true progress. True achievement is motivated by creative freedom. The tiny voice in our heads is almost always right, and it gets only stronger with time. Intuition combined with experience will be a sure way to overcome challenges and delve into new adventures. Happy Holidays.

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