Santa Claus is a Thunderbird Alum

By Daisy Jasmine, Staff Writer You’ve probably heard of him. A famously well-traveled individual, and the founder and present CEO of one of the longest-running global nonprofit operations in the world. He’s got a mystique that rivals that of this very school. He goes by many names, but you might know him as the man, […]

A Note Before the Holidays

By Janhavi Hunnur, Staff Writer Along with fun, holidays tend to be a period of contemplation and new beginnings. It becomes a time to reopen our checklists and measure our progress. Some lessons are hard and take time to learn. If we experience an event repeating itself, it’s simply because we haven’t yet learned our […]

Thanksgiving: An International Take

By Lauren Herber, Staff Writer For me, having grown up in the United States, celebrating the traditional American holiday of Thanksgiving means sitting around a table full of family and friends saying what we’re each thankful for; (over)eating turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie; falling asleep on the couch to football; and starting the process […]