What Is Happening in Peru? A Flooding Season

By Laura Aviles, Staff Writer I would have loved to write about the opportunities for investment in Peru by throwing out some numbers from the World Bank. It would be highlighted as one of the South American countries with the biggest growth, boasting +3.9% in 2016. Perhaps that could be a good idea for a […]

Regional Night Has Officially Been Revived

By Nash Wills, Co-Editor Controversy, criticism, stirring the pot—necessary evils that are never fun to cause, provide, or do. Like most, I would prefer to not dole out negative feedback, especially towards colleagues and classmates. Somewhat ironically though, who else can you constructively criticize other than those you know and work with? Isn’t criticism directed […]

NPR needs YOU!

By Chris Barton, Co-Editor “You’re listening to KJZZ, and this is the KJZZ member drive. The great programming that you hear every day on the radio is made possible by tax-free donations from listeners like you. We know you depend on public radio to help you understand your world, and we depend on you to […]

The Seven Tudes and Paradiplomacy: Why Our Arizona Cities Win?

By Julio Espinoza, Staff Writer According to the local news, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton might be looking for a “higher, statewide office,” potentially the Arizona Secretary of State. Regardless of the political intentions of Stanton, he has been one of the most adamant proponents of a globally minded Phoenix Metro Area. His Department of Economic […]

Block and Tackle: How to Prevent Overcommitting

By Mary Grace Richardson, Co-Editor I love things like this, I thought when Professor Suzanne Peterson assigned our class to participate in feedback evaluations. For those unfamiliar with the class “Managing People from a Global Perspective,” we were required to reach out to 5-10 people in our network (friends, family, colleagues, former bosses, classmates, etc.) […]

The Psychology of Moving

By Lauren Herber, Editor-in-Chief It’s March 30th. How did we get here so quickly? If I push away the fog of disbelief and confusion, I can vaguely remember a semester full of trials, triumphs, new experiences, laughter, and course work. I know it happened, but it feels like I just started my final semester here […]

Interrogative Words Just Might Change Your Life

By Aaron W. Rockwell, Staff Writer I’ve been struggling with the thought of how to improve everyday situations. For example, going to a restaurant and just enjoying the meal is just a basic activity. But going to a restaurant dressed in the style of clothing that matches the locale is slightly more interesting. Other restaurant […]

Nowruz: A Reminder to Renew Ourselves

Not very many people in America cared about the first day of spring on March 20. The day was acknowledged more in a functional or practical way, if at all, and everything was just the same—except maybe it was time to put bulky winter clothes away or start planning a summer vacation. This past Monday […]

Should a B-school Education Include an Education in Ethics?


By Chris Barton, Co-Editor Should a B-school education include an education in ethics? In the mid 2000s, the egregious actions of people like Dennis Kozlowski of Tyco and the leadership at Enron had people asking just this question. Many blamed the curriculum of MBA programs for at best allowing, and at worst encouraging the unethical […]

A Super Tuesday in New York

By Laura Aviles, Staff Writer Spring break was just in time for me. After having passed through one of the hardest times of my life, I thought to myself, “Yes, this is just in time.” And for me, spring break was not just an inventory process to increase efficiency and decrease waste, although some could say that the […]