Closing Out the Year

By Aaron W. Rockwell, Staff Writer Das Tor’s hotshot super-star editors are leaving us this go around, so I thought I’d try to pay homage through data (only way to do it right, right?). Snapshot of Das Tor’s Readership: Over the last two years, Das Tor has attained 204,805 visits and 358,034 page views. As seen from the […]

Know Your World Leaders

By Aaron Rockwell, Staff Writer I’m often swept up by sensationalist Putin stories, but as far as some of the other low-key world leaders, I lose track of who’s who, so here’s the top 5 GDP countries‘ leaders, plus Putin (Russia is #11): GDP 1, U.S., Donald Trump: I think we all might have Trump fatigue so here’s […]

Clip Show: Tying It All Together

By Aaron Rockwell, Staff Writer Coming across this website that finds linear regressions and graphs TV show episodes, I typed in a show I used to watch in my undergrad: The Office. Here’s what the chart looks like: You might notice that there is a little outlier in yellow for season six; this was a clip episode. […]

Immortality for Dummies: Where to Live to Live Forever

By Aaron W. Rockwell, Staff Writer The World Health Organization has been keeping track on mortality rates by country. From this, I thought it would interesting to see what places you should live based on your age. Here’s an Excel table formatted to show the age groups of countries with the lowest mortality rate for […]

Interrogative Words Just Might Change Your Life

By Aaron W. Rockwell, Staff Writer I’ve been struggling with the thought of how to improve everyday situations. For example, going to a restaurant and just enjoying the meal is just a basic activity. But going to a restaurant dressed in the style of clothing that matches the locale is slightly more interesting. Other restaurant […]

Baby Language Acquisition & Attrition

By Aaron W. Rockwell, Staff Writer From being on a journey to learning a new language, I often think about timetables of learning and how much time after I learn the language I will retain it. I often hear people talk about how they took a language for two to three years in high school, but […]

Show Me the Money: MBA Wages in Countries Around the World

By Aaron Rockwell, Staff Writer Using the U.S. Bureau, I was able to make a rough calculation that MBA graduates make 1.547 times more money than U.S. average wage. Though it may not be true in every country, it will be the baseline of this analysis. Also, at times countries will be passed over because […]

The Oscars and IMDB Rankings

Aaron Rockwell – Staff Writer Sunday’s big Oscar’s mistake got me thinking: how good is the Academy Awards at selecting movies that remain highly regarded through the ages? I do recognize that they do not pick awards based on popular opinion, but based on the merit of the work in total. But did you know […]

Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

Aaron Rockwell – Staff Cultural Advisor Gerard (Geert) Hofstede developed a system of four elements to try and put a finger on what makes different cultures different. The whole idea was developed through IBM data that Hofstede gathered while working as the head honcho of the personnel research department (he collected over 100,000 surveys). He took time […]

NPV of a Career

Aaron Rockwell – Magic Staff +1 Writer I was going to write an article on sunk cost, but the moment it became no fun, I abandoned it. Instead, let’s take a look at our lives and how much this year is worth in terms of: how long you might have left to live, and how […]