Immortality for Dummies: Where to Live to Live Forever

By Aaron W. Rockwell, Staff Writer

The World Health Organization has been keeping track on mortality rates by country. From this, I thought it would interesting to see what places you should live based on your age. Here’s an Excel table formatted to show the age groups of countries with the lowest mortality rate for the age group:


Where to live:

From this table, the best path to live a long and healthy life would be to be a niñito in Iceland, spend your adolescence in Luxembourg, your formative years in Cyprus then Iceland/Switzerland, then retire in South Korea. From this, I have to say, way to go Iceland for creating a country with low mortality rates at every age (except you still have some work on that 70+ category).

Side note:

The United States didn’t make the top ten for any age group, that’s why it’s not on the table.

‘Nother Side Note:

Every time I see a table/graph in Excel I get sad how bad the program is at making aesthetic models. I go back to when Steve Jobs said Microsoft has no spirit (love this video because of the unnecessary jab at McDonalds.)

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