Clip Show: Tying It All Together

By Aaron Rockwell, Staff Writer

Coming across this website that finds linear regressions and graphs TV show episodes, I typed in a show I used to watch in my undergrad: The Office. Here’s what the chart looks like:


You might notice that there is a little outlier in yellow for season six; this was a clip episode. Apparently, in comedy show history, the clip episode/clip show is a throw-back to when folks couldn’t use Netflix to watch a show and gave a comedic update. By the time the office was around, and IMDB was there to judge it, clip episodes seemed to be a bad idea, or at least how The Office did it.

So, I thought, even though it’s against convention, I’d do a clip episode to tie together all the articles that I’ve written in the last year.

-Set time aside time each year to google best phone apps and try them out.

What to Eat: High IQ foods: Eggs, pigmeat, apples

Data Courtesy: &
Data Courtesy: &

-Want to lose weight: Avoid chicken and sugar

Data Courtesy: &
Data Courtesy: &

When ordering pizza for a group, estimate that each person needs about 48.5 square inches of pizza.

Children Petite Eater Normal Eater Monster Eater Generalized Average
28 in2 38 in2 45 in2 56 in2 48.5 in2

Average speed of a sloth: .15 mph (~0.25 km/h).

Google API: To do a Google API  search use (put your words in after the equal sign):

Courtesy: Google

Shower Timer (4-min): I bought this awhile back and have been loving it, it has given me insight into how fast I process time (some showers go up to the minute, while others have tons of time left), and starts my day off with the right mentality.


  • Surround the word with asterisks (*) to make it: *Bold*
  • Surround the word with underscores (_) to make it:  _Italic_
  • Surround the word with tildes (~) to make it: ~Strikethrough~

Sentimental Analysis:

Want to see if your writing has a sub-conscience positive or negative connotation, use this site.

Order of Languages Based off of a Ranking Criteria (Go here for references):

Rank Language Rank of Sum of Population Rank of Sum of Landmass Rank of Sum of GDP Rank of GDP per Capita Total
1 English 3 1 1 11 16
2 Mandarin 1 7 2 32 42
3 Spanish 4 3 5 36 48
4 French 6 6 6 34 52
5 German 15 28 4 6 53
6 Portuguese 8 5 9 33 55
7 Arabic 5 4 7 40 56
8 Japanese 12 34 3 9 58
9 Russian 11 2 12 35 60
10 Castilian 24 27 13 14 78

I quote this chart all the time, showing how long it takes to learn a language from an English speaker’s perspective:


Hofstede: From a Hofstede Cultural dimension perspective, Russian and Australia are the furthest apart culturally. With Australia, United Kingdom, and America being nearly Hofstede identical, it might explain the current world setting.

Data Courtesy:

For Career: The breakeven point in the U.S. is at 47 years old for a doctorate and 63 years old for a professional degree.

Data Courtesy: Data Courtesy:
Data Courtesy: Data Courtesy:

From a financial perspective: Work in Norway and retire in Malawi.

From a longevity perspective:

Age Country
Niñito: Iceland
Adolescence: Luxembourg
Formative Years: Cyprus
Adult Years: Iceland/Switzerland
Retire: South Korea

Best Question starters when you don’t know what to say: Would, Why, Are, Have, and Do.

Clip Show!: Thanks for sticking around, I hope this article doesn’t tank like The Office: Season 6 Episode 14  it has been a great time writing for the school and learning so much about myself and this bigg’o’world.

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