Closing Out the Year

By Aaron W. Rockwell, Staff Writer

Das Tor’s hotshot super-star editors are leaving us this go around, so I thought I’d try to pay homage through data (only way to do it right, right?).

Snapshot of Das Tor’s Readership:

Year Chart copy
Dashed orange line is page views; Thick blue line is visitors

Over the last two years, Das Tor has attained 204,805 visits and 358,034 page views. As seen from the graph, the last two years have seen great increases in both categories, amounting to an increase of roughly 150% from the previous two years (visits: 141,102, page views 242,079). This last year has seen an increase of 160% in visits to the site.

The Team Stats (All-Time Counting):


I love how I organized this table to put me in fourth place even though with a weighted average, my contribution would be lower from not writing a lot of words in my articles (lying with statistics!).

The real story of the chart is to show exactly how much Lauren, Jake, and Nash have contributed to the paper over the last two years. From the time I’ve been fortunate enough to be around them, it’s obvious that they put their blood, sweat, tears, sleep, stress, time, soul, and heart into making the school paper awesome.

Thank you all for making this a great experience and: “Fair winds, and following seas!” Das Tor!

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