Letter to the Editor: Cohort-Driven Course

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Dear Editor:

As we wind down this semester and start to stress about finding jobs for the summer or upon graduation, we feel let down. Here we have made all the effort to get the grades, but we do not have a database of contacts to reach for to find the right people to help us help ourselves.

When we made the decision to come to Thunderbird, it was for the global education and the Thunderbird network. Now, Students are no longer even allowed to access the Thunderbird Alumni database. What is going on here?

The Students may blame this on Career Management Center, but Students lost their privileges to contact Alumni, because they have mismanaged their opportunity.  How do the Students get back the privilege of contacting the Thunderbird Alumni in a professional and productive manner?

The idea is to push your Teachers, fellow Students, TSG, and the Administration to have a Mandatory no-credit class (no extra cost) that focuses on Career Management and Alumni Networking. Further, if you push to:

  1. Take out one of the theoretical classes and replace it with this class, the workload is the same;
  2. Ask for Alumni to co-teach the class with Faculty, and you will enjoy a new dimension;
  3. Ask to be trained in the ‘soft skills’ which are not part of the curriculum right now; and,
  4. Ask for this class to be rolled out for all Students from the Fall 2018.

If you push to do this, you will have done a great service both to yourself, your cohorts, to all Students, to Thunderbird Alumni, and to the Thunderbird School of Global Management. If you do this, we might be able to turn Thunderbird around.

The ball is squarely in your court.


Robert Shatz ‘82
Tucson Chapter
Thunderbird Alumni Association

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