Letter to the Editor: Cohort-Driven Course

Sunday, March 25, 2018 Editor DAS TOR Thunderbird Dear Editor: As we wind down this semester and start to stress about finding jobs for the summer or upon graduation, we feel let down. Here we have made all the effort to get the grades, but we do not have a database of contacts to reach […]

5 Things I Learned From T-Bird Alumni at Career Weekend

By Amanda Cardini, Staff Writer A few weeks ago the Thunderbird Career Management Center hosted a career weekend filled with events designed to help new students prepare for job and internship searches. I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t necessarily thrilled about the prospect of attending—we had just gone through Foundations, and I […]

A Super Tuesday in New York

By Laura Aviles, Staff Writer Spring break was just in time for me. After having passed through one of the hardest times of my life, I thought to myself, “Yes, this is just in time.” And for me, spring break was not just an inventory process to increase efficiency and decrease waste, although some could say that the […]

The Global Chamber’s Grow Globally Fair

By Lauren Herber, Editor-in-Chief T-birds, there is an exciting networking opportunity coming up that you don’t want to miss! It’s the Grow Globally Fair, which is taking place next week on September 20 from 3-5 PM at Skysong. The Grow Globally Fair is the only annual event that features all the global resources in Phoenix […]

Networking: Moving Beyond the Usual Suspects

By Janhavi Hunnur, Staff Writer When the Hungarian writer Frigyes Karinthy proposed the ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ in 1929– the theory that any one on the planet can be connected with another through a chain of intermediaries of not more than 5, little did he know that the theory would be one of the reasons why […]

Superhero Networking For Success Workshop

By, Jessica Knutzon During Professional Development Week, Mike Tomasello led a workshop on successful networking.  Tomasello’s workshop, aptly called “Superhero Networking For Success,” covered how to tap into the hidden job market (job openings that are never formally posted) by networking. These jobs, which make up 80% of hires, are only found by talking to […]

The Power of the T-Bird Network

After sitting in the TSG meeting on Friday, it is abundantly clear that the overarching goal, for both the student leaders and top administrators, is increasing Thunderbird students’ employability. With key decision makers on hand, including President Penley, adapting current curriculum in response to student, alumni and most critically, employer inputs is a top priority. As […]

Thundercrusin’: All aboard T-birds!

Thunderbird. Glendale. An island of cross-cultural business learning and fun. As with all good things though, this blissful existence ends after a year and a half or two, scattering everyone across the earth in the goal of making future global leaders. So when an opportunity comes along to bring that motley crew of people back […]

A-Fair with a Career

As the morning of October 24th dawned, anyone on campus may have been fooled into thinking it was just another other gorgeous Fall day at Thunderbird: green grass, sunny skies, and birds chirping. As the clock drew close to 10 am, the calm was broken by a flurry of students, all dressed to the nines […]

A Marketing Trekker’s Insights

By Nimish Nathwani’13 When I first read the Marketing TREK proposal this summer before getting started on my application, I asked myself, “Why Portland of all places?” The apprehension eased and a feeling of excitement took over when we saw the final schedule of our TREK. The lineup was incredibly impressive; from world-class sports apparel […]