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Kylee San Miguel

Kylee San Miguel

Graduate Program Recruiter

This is part of Das Tor’s ongoing series “Student Success Spotlights,” which features the hardworking staff on the Student Success Team at Thunderbird

Hi! I’m Kylee San Miguel, and I am a Graduate Program Recruiter in Recruitment & Admissions here at Thunderbird.  Recruitment & Admissions is a subunit of the Student Success team and is the first department that students work with. I work closely with any prospective and incoming student for the Master of Global Management (MGM) and the Accelerated 4+1 MGM program. Over the last year, I also have recruited for our Executive programs as well.  

As a recruiter, I’m responsible for finding and evaluating candidates and then providing academic counseling, planning, and advising to potential students globally. I also support students on their academic journey through webinars, one-on-one meetings, and events to ease the application process. My personal goal is to make the admissions process less stressful and easier for every student. Most of my time is helping incoming students on their journey to join Thunderbird. For current students, I’m still here to be a resource and provide any guidance that I can offer. 

I grew up in the Southwest of the US. I’m originally from Colorado but moved to New Mexico and now Arizona. Prior to working for Thunderbird, I graduated with B.A. in East Asian Studies with a minor in Intercultural Communication from the University of New Mexico. During my studies, I did a year abroad at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China. I absolutely loved my time abroad and was able to travel throughout East and Southeast Asia in China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Singapore.

After graduating with my Bachelor’s, I knew that I wanted to continue my education focusing on international business and relations. I graduated with a M.A in Global Affairs and Management from Thunderbird in 2019. I was very engaged as student, wanting to push and challenge myself to try new things. My first year I went a little overboard, joining 10+ clubs and even starting my own (Thunderbird’s Tabletop Club – we would play board games once a week in the pub). I’m hoping to start this back up again for fun in the new building. 

My class was the last class on the historical Glendale campus, and I experienced the move to Downtown Phoenix. This provided a lot of opportunities, including the fact that I was part of the Foundation team designing the new structure for Downtown Phoenix. I also was a Cohort Leader to the incoming class of 2018. It was a challenging but memorable experience transitioning Thunderbird’s traditions to the new campus. 

In my final year as a student, I served as President for both Thunderbird’s Student Government and Campus Ambassador organizations. Both organizations have a tremendous impact on the student experience, which I wanted to continue and enhance. In my job, I strive to showcase the incredible opportunities at Thunderbird, as well as share the “Thunderbird Mystique” with students, alumni, and guests.

I truly love Thunderbird and know that it provides so many opportunities and experiences for students. I personally want to make sure that students can experience the opportunities that I had when I was a student. I am always here to help, whether it be a prospective student, incoming/current student, or alumni. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or just want to chat. My email is

Connect with Kylee on Instagram and LinkedIn and check out some photos from her time as a student below.


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