Making a Beautiful Movie

Jonas Narh

Jonas Narh

Staff Writer

Life is like a movie, and everyone is acting theirs. Another and perhaps a better way to look at it is that everyone is in their own world. I fell in love with myself, then I fell in love with my world, then I fell in love with the people and things in it, and now I know that when filled with love, life is beautiful. Since I realized I am the lead actor in my movie, I always strive to create a movie I can smile at when watching, a beautiful movie, a movie filled with love and gratitude.

I am a big advocate for living in the present moment because it is all that has ever been and will forever be. In other words, you are always here. Isn’t it mysterious how everything is always happening at once? However, we have to sometimes appreciate how far we have come as well as imagine what lies ahead of us. Every moment that passes reveals the future and, at the same time, adds up to the past. Thus, the present moment is where all the acting takes place. 

I like to see my mind as the director and my heart as the producer. Simply put, the heart brings the mind’s creation to fruition. From this illustration, I need not convince you that collaboration is key, and harmony between the heart and the mind is crucial. Just imagine the outcome of a movie production where there was a misunderstanding between the director and the producer. The director needs the producer and vice versa, but when one is not paying attention to the other, it creates misalignments and, ultimately, confusion.

Are you making a movie you love? If your answer is yes, kudos! If your answer is no, I am sorry to remind you that you are the lead actor. Why am I apologizing? Is it a bad reminder? Oh, don’t thank me for the advice; join me to thank the Mastercard Foundation (MCF) Scholars Program at Arizona State University for giving me the opportunity to study at Thunderbird. I am one of the seven MCF Scholars at Thunderbird, and I want to walk you through my journey of becoming a MCF Scholar.

In October 2019, I read a book called The Secret by Rhonda Bryne. I later watched her movie on Netflix and read her second book titled The Power. I am an avid reader and had briefly read about the law of attraction, but Rhonda is the one who actually introduced me to the law of attraction through her works. It has been magical since then. 

When I completed my senior year of high school, I reached out to my junior year high school teacher, asking him to guide me to go to college abroad. He said the opportunities available to study abroad at the undergrad level are limited, so it would be best if I first earned my bachelor’s degree at a local university and then looked into opportunities to pursue a master’s abroad, which is relatively easier. I did not give up right away, but my efforts were to no avail. 

Just like the law of gravity, the law of attraction applies to everyone, whether you know it and believe it or not. Years later, when I began understanding how it works, I realized I became a Scholar the very first week I started classes as a freshman at my alma mater. As a tradition of advising freshmen to take their studies seriously, one professor mentioned a full scholarship available for a limited number of students to continue their education abroad after our third year. After the class, I told four friends of mine that I would not graduate with them. I didn’t even know what scholarship it was.

Fast forward to the first semester of my third year, I went to school a few days before school officially resumed, so I had to stay in a different room temporarily because I won’t be allowed to be in my permanent room. Interestingly, my temporary roommates were MCF scholars. When I mentioned my major, one of them asked me whether I was aware of a full scholarship for my program that sponsors third-year students to travel to Arizona to continue their education. He told me to be monitoring their website, as they call for applications within that period. I nearly cried because I had a dream that I was in Arizona a few months prior. 

A month later, applications were open, and surprisingly, my program was excluded. A few weeks after the applications were closed, it was opened again for only my class. I was now convinced that I was in. After the first round of interviews, I had my ASU credentials to apply to Thunderbird. After the application, I joined about 4 student organizations (even before I was accepted). This was December 2019, so I had been introduced to the law of attraction and had been utilizing it as best as I could. In April 2020, I officially became an MCF Scholar! 

I can share hundreds of examples of my experiences with the law of attraction. You have probably Googled it by now, if you didn’t already know about it. One thing you are likely not to find on Google is the fact that love and gratitude are prerequisites for the conscious utilization of the law of attraction. In other words, without love and gratitude, you can’t harness this immutable law of nature.

The mind and the heart are the two major tools needed to consciously utilize the law of attraction. Thus, you can see the law of attraction as an opportunity to unite the director and producer and set them up to produce a movie you will love. In her second book, The Power, Rhonda gives a simple 3-step method to utilize the law of attraction: imagine, feel, and receive.  As Bob Proctor says, “The secret is the law of attraction.”  This secret certainly influenced my journey to Thunderbird.

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