Making a Beautiful Movie 2: Imagining Future Scenes

Jonas Narh

Jonas Narh

Staff Writer

My previous article Making a Beautiful Movie introduced the law of attraction and Rhonda Byrne’s three-step method for utilizing it as illustrated in her book, The Power: imagine, feel, and receive. This article will deep dive into the first step. 

The law of attraction is a metaphysical concept. Therefore, you should not expect an easy buy-in from “common sense.” Just know that the implications of this immutable law, which has been known for centuries, span beyond the scope of common sense. Its loyal adherents are promised a dazzling life, and that usually has little to do with the mainstream flow of things. It can be considered a guide to creating a magical life.

The law of attraction revolves around the belief that you are the creator of your world. Thus, your interest is questionable if you don’t believe you can direct how your future unfolds. Although some may argue it is another belief system, it is far from one. Through consistent practice, one realizes it is just another, more esoteric way of living. All you have to do is to imagine, feel, and receive, but is it that simple? 

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein

Imagination is peculiar to the future, so perhaps it would be helpful to first explore how the future works. Technically, time is an illusion, but life is subject to time and space. The past is time in retrospection, and the future is a projection into time. Imagination is the mind’s tool to project. Every mind has the capability to project into the future, but the guiding principles of your projection are what make the difference.

The mind guided by the law of attraction believes there are no limits, only constraints like your beliefs and time. Time in this context is the perceived difference between your imagination and your reality, which is defined by your beliefs. You may have already connected the dots that your beliefs are the major determining factor of your reality.

You can imagine whatever you want, but if it does not materialize in reality, it cannot be considered part of the movie you are creating. Your movie is essentially your life from birth to death. Your mind is the nucleus of your being, and as expounded in Making a Beautiful Movie, it is the movie director. You imagine with your mind as well as form and nurture beliefs with it. This brings us to the cliché that the mind is everything. Well, it is, although your surroundings, including the people you interact with and your past experiences, largely influence it.

The mind’s main function is to think. It thinks with thoughts, and thoughts are the basis of beliefs. Thoughts are triggered by both internal and external factors, some of which are inevitably beyond our control, but believing you have the right to imagine anything is readily within your control. Acknowledging your fundamental right to imagine is the first guiding principle of a mind seeking to consciously utilize the law of attraction. It seems very simple, but it is easier said than done. 

You cannot build a skyscraper on a weak foundation. Likewise, the strength of your imagination, which is very critical, is heavily dependent on how you use your right to imagine. One of the renowned fundamental human rights is the right to speak, but what you say and how you say it is what makes the difference. In the context of the law of attraction, it is imperative to believe that aside from time, i.e. the perceived distance between your imagination and your reality, there are no other constraints. The perceived distance is defined by your present circumstances and other beliefs, so it is crucial to be aware of them and not to consider them as limitations but rather as current constraints.

Imagination sets the stage for action. However, you fall into the trap of being unrealistic when your mind is not convinced that your imaginations are feasible due to the perceived distance, your current circumstances, and other beliefs. Any action made towards a realistic imagination is inspired action, and the law of attraction will disappoint you if there is a lack of inspired action.  

The point is not to get caught up in wishful thinking but rather to have realistic imaginations that will inspire you to act. As long as you focus and take action, you do not have to worry whether you are taking the right action or not, assuming none of the rules discussed previously are broken.

“Imagination is the limit.” — Elon Musk

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