TSG President’s Message – September

Jacob D. Taylor

Jacob D. Taylor

Thunderbird Student Government President and Das Tor Strategic Advisor

Esteemed Thunderbirds,

It is my pleasure to welcome you back to a new semester. Over the past several months, the Thunderbird Student Government has diligently worked to prepare for a rich semester full of unforgettable experiences. This year we’ll have the opportunity to innovate together for the World Cup and the Super Bowl. Dozens of entrepreneurial activities are scheduled every month of the year. Organizations representing international diplomacy and every facet of industry imaginable have reached out to join us here at Thunderbird. Business magnates are flocking to partner with our student organizations and share their expertise. Truly, we are bursting at the seams with opportunity.

This semester I implore you not to wait for these unforgettable chances to catch destiny but to seek them out actively. Even more so, I invite you to take full advantage of your time here at Thunderbird and surround yourself with its greatest treasure: its vibrant, international representation of students. Speaking with a colleague, I noted: If I were at any other college at ASU (or any other University in the country for that matter), I’d be one of the thousands of North American students. Here I am, one of the extremes few. What a joy that is! There is no other University where you will enrich yourself with the experiences of others from every corner of the world. 

Graduate school is not without its challenges. I can, however, say without reservation that we have progressed. We have made institutional and systemic changes through your efforts, feedback, and voice. We are continuously carving a path towards the Thunderbird we desire. As you begin classes, join clubs and venture together, grasp this moment to shape your experience. We proudly announce that TSG will now have open membership so all students can join and work towards a better Thunderbird. This doesn’t mean you have to join to make a difference; TSG is standing by to share your concerns, but for those interested, you can now work as a part of the TSG team to execute your vision for the school. Reach out and speak with us. 

I am proud to announce that we will be celebrating the Middle East and North Africa as part of our Fall Regional Night this semester. This was made possible through your ThunderPulse feedback. This year we’re partnering with all of ASU Downtown Phoenix to raise the bar and create a truly unforgettable evening. Join us on October 15th as we celebrate with friends, colleagues, and community partners. We hope you’ll share your talents and help us bring MENA to Phoenix!

I want to thank every one of you for the difference you make. I hear every day how a T-Bird has shaped the life or experience of another. Fly high, Thunderbirds! Employers are taking notice. The community is taking notice. The world is taking notice.

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