Things They Don’t Tell You After Close of Service: Peace Corps Resources

Erica Ingram

Erica Ingram

Alumni Staff Writer

So you’ve COS’ed (close of service) and now you’re in school, but who knows exactly what comes next after graduation? Hopefully, a good job? Well, did you know that your time in the Peace Corps can help you beyond offering the fabled NCE (non-compete eligibility) for federal jobs?

First, some housekeeping. Remember to reapply for NCE under section 3 (education) on USAJobs when the listing comes up. Just search for Peace Corps and NCE. Also, remember that as a former Peace Corps volunteer, you cannot apply for federal intelligence jobs, especially the CIA under the Peace Corps Act. 

With that out of the way, I’m going to post some useful links for RPCVs that you may or may not know about.

  1. This is the PC event page and it will include the link to register for the next virtual career fair along with other virtual fairs across the country.
  2. This page is mostly for current volunteers, but there are some deals for returned volunteers as well. 
  3. This is the RPCV portal. You should have set up your account before you closed service, but if you need your documents for your service, go here. You can also go here to register for Peace Corps exclusive career events. On the RPCV Portal, if you go to Career Planning on the left, you can go access this link: where you may request an access code to register. From there, you can log in via the link on your portal profile. 
  4. This link is for anyone who has served on behalf of the US in a government program like Peace Corps, Americorps, the state department or other foreign service. Here, you can register for a login, connect with other alums from around the world and gain exclusive access to grants, scholarships, jobs and programs.
  5. This is one of the job boards exclusive to RPCVs.
  6. This is a pilot program called Virtual Service that is open only to RPCVs: It’s a new program where, if you feel the need to connect with host countries, you can work with them for 5-15 hours a week to complete PC-related projects.


Lastly, for anyone interested in Peace Corps Service, in-person service is open once again for Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Pacific Islands and Eastern Europe.

Take a look at openings here and you can apply! 

Stay tuned for more stories about my service in China if you’re curious about one volunteer’s experience, but remember that no one’s experience is the same.

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