Lunch with the Ambassador

By Bryce Bower, Editor-in-Chief On Tuesday, the 19th, I had the pleasure of attending the Governor’s Luncheon. This year celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC), a non-profit public/private partnership that seeks to foster the business, cultural, and political relationships between Mexico and Arizona. The other goal of this luncheon was to promote […]

How America Legalized Bribery

By Bryce Bower, Editor-in-Chief You hear the term “lobbyist” all the time in the news, but I would wager most Americans don’t even know what one is. As a youngster I always assumed lobbyists were people who were paid to march outside of senators’ offices holding picket signs, and yelling about how important the meat […]

Solving Environmental and Development Issues Through Technology

By Bryce Bower, Editor-in-Chief In remote villages, where children and adults alike suffer from anemia (lack of iron in the bloodstream), the trick was to find a waste-free solution to dietary supplements. Small plastic packages filled with minerals are often used as a remedy, but this leaves a bunch of trash that doesn’t degrade. Instead, […]

Thunderbird Podcasts Coming Soon

By Bryce Bower, Editor-in-Chief Tell your family, friends and neighbors! Some T-birds have gotten the ball rolling on two different Thunderbird-style podcasts this semester. The first is one that has been in the works for over a year. I want to give a shoutout to Tyson Williams (MGM ’18) for championing this idea. He came […]

Was Khashoggi’s Death the Catalyst for Change in Saudi Arabia?

By Bryce Bower, Editor-in-Chief The murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi last October sent shock-waves throughout the world. The Crown Prince’s involvement was a big wake up call, and relations between the West and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were in a state of flux. Germany and France ceased all weapons sales to the country. […]

Paradise Lost: The Camp Fire

By Bryce Bower, Editor-in-Chief It was a normal Thursday morning. I woke up to get ready for my strategy class and grabbed my phone to check the news. Instead I was met with a text from my mother, which read, “big fire headed our way, hospital evacuating and so are we…” Now, living in Northern […]

Traveling Solo: A Tbird’s Guide

By Bryce Bower, Editor-in-Chief I spent my 2013-2014 school year of undergrad at a language school in a small French town, right next to the border with Geneva, Switzerland. During winter break, I had about a month to go wherever I wanted (and could afford). I had traveled with a group of classmates for fall […]

Identity, Ideas, and Free Speech

By Bryce Bower, Editor-in-Chief On the first day of my cross-cultural communication class, Professor Javidan started class with an example of a man named Joe Blue. While Joe’s culture is a very important part of who he is, it is not the only thing he is made of. Everyone has a different “chemical combination” of […]

The Death of Quality Part II

By Bryce Bower, Editor in Chief Business or Busyness? Building off of what I wrote last week, there is a serious lack of quality in news, entertainment, and media in general. How do we bring back good content? By slowing down. At the dawn of email, people treated it like regular snail mail. You could […]

The Death of Quality, Part I

By Bryce Bower, Editor in Chief Instant gratification and the ever-quickening pace of technology has degraded the quality of content in news, entertainment, and writing in general. We want more and we want it now. When the only thing people want is a quick blurb, there is no incentive to write anything thoroughly researched and […]