Female Leadership from a Male Perspective

By Djoudie Etoundi Athena International, a women’s leadership network, visited the Thunderbird campus on Monday, November 18th. Martha Mertz and Sue Ellen Allen, leaders of the Arizona chapter, presented their views on female leadership, empowerment and fulfillment to an all-female audience (save for yours truly) including students, alumni, staff from the administration and Thunderbird for Good, and […]

Update 11/17

Greetings T-birds! I am sorry to start this week’s update on such a serious note, but on behalf of Thunderbird administration, I want to take a moment to express our sympathy and concern for the Filipino citizens impacted by Typhoon Haiyan. It’s an unspeakable tragedy and so many are still suffering. Our wonderful students, in […]

What is an Athena woman?

By Tiffany Law How would the world be different if women made up half the world’s leaders? It’s a discussion worth having, especially after the women in the US Senate demonstrated their ability to collaborate and get things moving when our government was shut down. Recently, when attending an ATHENA award luncheon, I sat next to […]