Carnival Is a Global Party, But Why?

By DJ Nelson, Staff Writer Carnival is a festival held around the world, but do we really understand what the partying is all about? It all started in ancient Egypt as a pagan tradition to celebrate the coming of Spring. Then, in 332 B.C. Alexander the Great conquered Egypt and the festival was adopted by […]

An Alum’s Take: What’s Happening with Brazil?

By Raphael Rique ’16, Guest Writer Eike Batista: once one of the most respected businessman in Brazil and 8th richest man in the world. Now in jail. Sergio Cabral: once Governor of Rio de Janiero, the second richest state of Brazil. Now in jail. Marcelo Odebrecht: once the respected and powerful multimillionaire CEO of Obedrect, the biggest […]

Clash of Titans

By, Krunal Barabde   Once a company grows, the hunger to multiply its top line keeps on increasing like gap between poor and rich. To feed this hunger, some companies target mass market, some develop new product lines, some even enter new sectors, but most prefer to go global (Very few companies achieve global status, […]

World Cuisine: Brazilian Brigadeiro

By, Jessica Knutzon There are many foods that taste like home to us and for those who come from multicultural or nomadic families, there are quite a variety of foods that transport us to nostalgia. Growing up in a Brazilian and American household with two parents who happen to be amazing cooks, I got spoiled […]

The Winterim’s Tale – Act II

Every winter break sees T-birds flitting off to different corners of the world, hoping to enrich their minds (and add to their visa collection) on a unique adventure known as the Winterim. In this last part, Das Tor takes a look at the Brazil winterim… Matthew McConaty, 14 Winterim: I had the privilege of being on […]

Brazilian Consulting Firm CEO Speaks to Students at Thunderbird

By Matt Serafin, MS ’12 Thunderbird students had the opportunity on Sept. 14, 2012, to see Dr. Daniel Motta, CEO of Brazilian Management Institute, a leading Brazilian niche consulting firm. Dr. Motta and BMI are global business partners both of Thunderbird as well as MIT, and they work all over Latin America including with well […]