The Winterim’s Tale – Act II

Every winter break sees T-birds flitting off to different corners of the world, hoping to enrich their minds (and add to their visa collection) on a unique adventure known as the Winterim. In this last part, Das Tor takes a look at the Brazil winterim…

Courtesy: Matthew McConaty
Courtesy: Matthew McConaty

Matthew McConaty, 14

Winterim: I had the privilege of being on the Brazil winterim, titled “Sustainability in Practice”
Places/companies visited on Winterim: We spent the majority of our time in and around Sao Paolo and Rio de Janiero.  We did 10+ company visits and had opportunities to take in the local culture as well.
What did you love: Our company visits were interesting and valuable.  The lush landscape, warm people, music and beaches were awesome as well.
Any surprises: The beauty of the landscape and people of Brazil.
Favourite memory of the Winterim: Favorite memory of the trip was a large, group dinner on the side of a river in the dense forest.

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