Too Many Ads?

By Tomiwa Adeyemo, Staff Writer In one of my previous articles “Is Facebook Worth It?” I devoted close to a thousand words presenting an argument as to why I believed it was way past time to question the presence and impact of Facebook in our society today. To recap that argument in a single sentence, […]

Facebook: A Breach of More Than Privacy

By Bryce Bower, Co-Editor From 2007 to 2014, Facebook allowed app developers to harvest users’ data. Not just the users of the apps, but every one of their friends’ data was fair game as well. Sandy Parakilas, a former employee of Facebook who was responsible for policing 3rd-party data breaches, turned whistle-blower four months ago. […]

Information Security Analyst

With the increase in use of Internet across all technologies and platforms, every company maintains a website of its own. There are online transactions happening every 0.13 seconds. There is an increase in usage of online banking over the physical banking system. As shown in the graph, online banking is the most preferred one in […]