Solving Environmental and Development Issues Through Technology

By Bryce Bower, Editor-in-Chief In remote villages, where children and adults alike suffer from anemia (lack of iron in the bloodstream), the trick was to find a waste-free solution to dietary supplements. Small plastic packages filled with minerals are often used as a remedy, but this leaves a bunch of trash that doesn’t degrade. Instead, […]

Sustainability Tips

By Chanel McFollins, Staff Writer A few tips to be more sustainable in your everyday life: Less Paper I know, we have been hearing this one since grade school, but it is still an essential piece of being more sustainable. If you are presenting, don’t print a copy of a slideshow or pamphlet for all […]

Plastic Pollution: Global Public Enemy Number One

Little Girl in Haina, Dominican Republic as found on

By Mackenzie Pedersen, Staff Writer The world is facing a new public enemy. The name of this enemy is Plastic Pollution. Plastic is not a new phenomenon to the global economy. But it is still dangerous. Plastic has been around for the last 60 years, and is found in many facets of human consumption. It […]