Thunderbird Soccer Club: A Lifestyle Choice

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer Since starting school at Thunderbird in early August, I have managed to lose around 12 pounds. Being that I don’t have a car, my nutritional intake has been limited to pizza, smoked chicken sandwiches, and stir-fry from the dining commons—my weight loss must be attributed to something else. That something […]

ASU Football Game: The Thunderbird Experience

By Lauren Herber, Staff Writer It’s the fourth quarter and ASU has just taken the lead against Cal Poly. The blaring lights expose a few remnant ashes from fireworks floating through the air. Amidst a crowd of thousands of ASU students all decked in maroon and gold is a small group of Thunderbird students experiencing […]

Thanksgiving in Texas

Three generations screaming at the television. Our bellies full of pecan pie. The tryptophan is starting to kick in, but we soldier on. The Texas Longhorns are playing Texas Tech, and every eye in the room is glued to the television. In my family, this is Thanksgiving. Much is written about in the history books […]

Why Isn’t The Pub Open on Sundays?

The first Sunday of football season–arguably the happiest day of the year for many.  Finally, after braving the breezy spring days and wonderful summer weather, we can finally gather together, as one, in a bar and watch millionaires destroy each other on national television. But to my horror this first Sunday of the season, my […]