Thanksgiving in Texas

Courtesy: Mark Jackson

Three generations screaming at the television. Our bellies full of pecan pie. The tryptophan is starting to kick in, but we soldier on. The Texas Longhorns are playing Texas Tech, and every eye in the room is glued to the television. In my family, this is Thanksgiving.

Much is written about in the history books about the Pilgrims and their first thanksgiving, and how families nationwide go around the table, saying what they are thankful for. It’s a real nice scene, but that’s not how it goes in my family. My mom sets a real nice table, my dad cooks an incredible meal, but we all know why we’re here. Football is on, and that takes precedence over any expectation or tradition of Thanksgiving. We definitely didn’t go around the table giving thanks.

Every family is different. Mine certainly is, but I love it. I think Thanksgiving is most importantly about gathering together with those you love. You don’t have to necessarily “give thanks,” as long as you make the effort to get to the dinner table on Thanksgiving, you’re golden in my family.

The Texas Longhorns won, which is crucial for a happy Thanksgiving. And although we can no longer beat the Aggies each Thanksgiving because of some conference changes, a win is a win, and my family can slip soundly into their turkey-induced sleep.

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