A Vegetarian Thanksgiving

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By Mackenzie Pedersen, Staff Writer Take a moment to imagine your annual family Thanksgiving. Notice the smile that’s on your face? Just hearing the word ‘Thanksgiving’ elicits many memories in one’s mind and savory flavors on one’s palate. This American holiday is taught from a young age as a time at which people give thanks […]

Holiday Economics: The Narratives that Got Us Shopping

By Youfeng (Gloria) Pan, Staff Writer Halloween is coming. All the department stores are decorated Halloween-themed. All the pumpkins are in place. Cookies are colorful and cutely iced. They are ready to serve all the visitors and customers. How did Halloween storytelling, dancing and singing become a shopping festival? Did you know Santa Clause actually […]

The Lies We Tell at Thanksgiving

By Chris Barton, Staff Writer The story we, as Americans, are told about Thanksgiving is one of cooperation, mutual respect, and how much can be accomplished when we work together. The Pilgrims, struggling to figure out how to survive in the new world they had landed in, received help from the friendly Indians, who had […]

Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner… in Argentina

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer How to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner in Jesus Maria, Argentina in 38 Simple Steps 1. Decide early on that Thanksgiving would be a cool way to share your culture with your Argentine family and friends. 2. Procrastinate until Thanksgiving day is only a week away. 3. Realize that there are only […]

Thanksgiving: An International Take

By Lauren Herber, Staff Writer For me, having grown up in the United States, celebrating the traditional American holiday of Thanksgiving means sitting around a table full of family and friends saying what we’re each thankful for; (over)eating turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie; falling asleep on the couch to football; and starting the process […]

Thanksgiving Around the World

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In the United States, the fourth Thursday of November is celebrated as Thanksgiving Day and is considered a day to thank The Creator for a good harvest. Though it is celebrated on different days in different parts of the world, American celebration of the festival dates back to 16th century. On this festive occasion, some […]

Thanksgiving in Texas

Three generations screaming at the television. Our bellies full of pecan pie. The tryptophan is starting to kick in, but we soldier on. The Texas Longhorns are playing Texas Tech, and every eye in the room is glued to the television. In my family, this is Thanksgiving. Much is written about in the history books […]

Update 11/17

Greetings T-birds! I am sorry to start this week’s update on such a serious note, but on behalf of Thunderbird administration, I want to take a moment to express our sympathy and concern for the Filipino citizens impacted by Typhoon Haiyan. It’s an unspeakable tragedy and so many are still suffering. Our wonderful students, in […]

A Truly T-bird Thanksgiving Celebration

People around the world consider holidays an opportunity to catch up with family and friends. It is a time where delicious home cooked food combined with the company of people close to our hearts gives us the best reason to let our hair down and celebrate the joys of life! Here in the United States, […]

An American’s Black Friday Experience

By Dalit Zagorin’12 Like most people’s Black Friday experience this year, mine started on Thursday. With 2011 drawing criticisms of Black Friday starting at midnight on Thanksgiving, stores opened even earlier this year. According to a retail analyst at the NPD group, retailers are now commercializing Thanksgiving, giving the consumer an opportunity to shop instead […]