Why Isn’t The Pub Open on Sundays?

The first Sunday of football season–arguably the happiest day of the year for many.  Finally, after braving the breezy spring days and wonderful summer weather, we can finally gather together, as one, in a bar and watch millionaires destroy each other on national television.

But to my horror this first Sunday of the season, my walk to the ThunderPub would be one out of a slasher film.  Instead of walking into the bar, immediately receiving high fives from half the bar, and grabbing a beer to cheer on the Texans, all I got was a sense of desertion.  The doors locked, no lights on, no one to be found.

Did I miss a natural disaster?  Is “I Am Legend” really happening?  Did I really sleep till Monday?  WHY is no one here?

I’ll tell you why.  The pub was closed.  On Sunday.

Approximate amount of money left on table
Approximate amount of money left on table

There is a gold mine of cash that the operators of the ThunderPub are leaving “on the table” here.  And not only in alcohol sales.  Greasy food and football go together like Kim Kardashian and cheap publicity.  They were made for each other.

I know the Laureate deal has divided some of the students and alumni, but can we all get on the same team on this one?  Even if you don’t watch football, we can turn on Seinfeld reruns for you in the corner or something.  I’m flexible.  You choose the channel, it’s on.

It’s time for change.  Open the ThunderPub on Sundays.

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