IDentify yourself at the Pub

Starting last Thursday (October 3, 2013), on Thursday Nights and Campus Event Nights, such as Regional Nights and other large Campus gatherings, there has been and will be a doorman at the Pub checking everyone’s IDs, issuing wristbands and recording occupancy of the Pub. Anyone entering the Pub will have to show legal ID for entry into […]

Why Isn’t The Pub Open on Sundays?

The first Sunday of football season–arguably the happiest day of the year for many.  Finally, after braving the breezy spring days and wonderful summer weather, we can finally gather together, as one, in a bar and watch millionaires destroy each other on national television. But to my horror this first Sunday of the season, my […]

Beer Tasting at ThunderPub

Deschutes Brewery conducted a beer tasting event on campus at the Thunder Pub on Thursday. People could taste a shot of beer of their choice and give their feedback. Rotem Bar, a second year student who owned a bar before joining Thunderbird, tasted a shot of summer ale and said the beer was strong, tasty, […]