IDentify yourself at the Pub

Starting last Thursday (October 3, 2013), on Thursday Nights and Campus Event Nights, such as Regional Nights and other large Campus gatherings, there has been and will be a doorman at the Pub checking everyone’s IDs, issuing wristbands and recording occupancy of the Pub. Anyone entering the Pub will have to show legal ID for entry into the Pub.

Now before you start to feel indignant, here’s what has led to this new implementation. As most of us students are aware, our beloved Pub is open to the public, which means we could have people on campus that are underage. The stipulation for any underage patrons of the Pub would be for them to be accompanied by an over-21 spouse, guardian or parent. Even under those conditions, anyone under 21 will not be allowed at the Pub past 8pm. If the authorities (the Police, not the administration!) find the Pub to be serving underage people at the Pub, not only could the Pub be closed down but we could reach the situation where Thunderbird could become a “dry campus” i.e. no alcoholic beverages allowed anywhere on campus! Surely none of us want that?!


Another concern that was brought to the school’s authorities was that illegal drugs were being brought to the Pub and being sold to students. Apart from the personal harm this could cause to a student’s health, this effects the student body at large as well. Why? One of the conditions for Thunderbird to provide Federal Financial Aid on campus is that the campus remains drug free. If that isn’t maintained, it could result in the withdrawal of millions of dollars of financial that is currently being provided to students.

Now, you may be wondering what forms of legal ID would be allowed at the Pub. Below is a list of acceptable, government issued IDs:

• Valid AZ Driver’s License or AZ I.D. Card
• Valid photo passport from any country
• Valid photo Driver’s License from any U.S. state
• Valid photo Military I.D.
• Valid Border Crossing Card (Mexico or Canada)
• Valid Canadian photo Driver’s License or ID Card
• Valid Mexican Voter’s ID Card
• ID Card from any of 50 States
• ID Card from Canada

Apart from carrying the above ID, ensure you are carrying your student ID card as well. Starting this week, Chartwells has a small surprise in store for students that have their Thunderbird Student ID in addition to the above IDs!

Finally, the last new change you will see at the Pub is restriction on access to “gates” on either side of the patio. These gates are actually meant to be exits only in case of a fire at the Pub. Woe betide anyone who decides to exit through these gates as it will set off an alarm. So the next time you decide to leave the Pub after your social hi-jinks, remember to use the main entrance to exit as well.

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