Passport to Career Success with Thunderbird Global Council

Pic Courtesy: Teachers’ Pocketbooks

Last Tuesday, 30 select students had the amazing opportunity to interact with members of the Thunderbird Global Council (TGC), organized by the CMC. This was a truly unique opportunity because there is limited interaction with the TGC, and moreover, the students got a chance to run through their career goals, resumes and network with the alumni as well. They brought their A game to the event and took away key insights about how they could improve their prospects at securing that dream job.

There were 3 groups of 10 and each group went through sessions for First Impression (30-second commercial), Resume Review and Speed Mentoring. Each student met with three different TGC members, one in each session. After the three sessions were completed, the TGC and the students networked at the Herberger Atrium. When they say that Thunderbird’s alumni are easygoing people, they speak the truth! Students interacted closely with alumni from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and even from 2009!

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