An OMGM’s Final Thoughts

By Aaron White, Guest Writer Over the last several months, I have written about my time in Thunderbird’s OMGM program, trying to capture the essence of what it’s like to be an online student. I only hope that I have truly echoed the thoughts and feelings of my fellow OMGMs. Now that graduation is around […]

How I Plan To Honor the Legacy of Thunderbird

By Gillian Reid, Guest Writer  The end of the school year is always filled with end-of-the-year thoughts and feelings that one wants to share. We are all striving to make our final moments of the year the best of our lives, and want to live out as much of these moments as we can. As […]

Pondering Your Future

By Hal Reid, Guest Alumni Writer (Class of 1971) In a short period of time, some of you will graduate and have to get a J-O-B. When attending graduations of my own, my five children, and family members, one phrase is always said: “You are the Future.” However, this is referring to the entire class, […]

The Places They Went: Recent Grads & Where They Are Now

By Mary Grace Richardson, Editor-in-Chief Though we haven’t had the Fall 2017 Convocation ceremony yet, there’s already a feeling of nostalgia on campus. Soon-to-be grads grind away to finish up their classes and job searches while also practicing for Regional Night, organizing their last club events, and going out with fellow T-birds—moments that will soon […]

An Unconventional Love Letter

love letter

By Lauren Herber, Editor-in-Chief The first time we met you made me cry. I had just moved to Phoenix and was far outside of my comfort zone. I was feeling lonely and lost. I didn’t want to be anywhere near you, but I knew I had no choice—I would be spending every day with you […]

Thanks and Farewell

By Nash Wills, Co-Editor Whenever I accepted an offer to join the Das Tor team in early September of 2015, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. At the time, I figured something along the lines of: “I like to write. What the hell, why not?” I didn’t realize that, for instance, […]

The Benefits of Joining TIAA as a Current Student

By Tash Kovacs ’16, Guest Writer The support, camaraderie, and networking opportunities made possible by TIAA have, in my experience, been absolutely incredible.  Joining TIAA has given me direct access to diverse and bright Alumni members who better than anyone fundamentally understand the value and ‘mystique’ that T-birds bring to the table. As a TIAA […]

Parent Visits: A Survival Guide

By Lauren Herber, Staff Writer Having your parents come to visit can be a source of great comfort, especially in the midst of school-related stress. However, having visitors of any kind can potentially add stress and pressure to our already busy lives. With graduation and the inevitable influx of visiting family members less than a month […]

Regional Night Under the Stars

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer In what initially began as an uphill battle, this past Saturday’s Regional Night proved to be a success, drawing large numbers of T-birds and demonstrating that intangible we all like to refer to as the Thunderbird Mystique, which differentiates us from other graduate level business schools. With the Thunderbird Event […]

Graduation Is Upon Us

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer The seasons are finally changing, Christmas time and the holidays are just around the corner and with all of this festivity comes graduation day. It is always a seminal and bittersweet time during which soon-to-be-graduates are simultaneously excited and nostalgic. In the short amount of time that I have spent […]