Faculty Column: The Answer is in the Question

By Professor Tom Hunsaker “You’re not yet sufficiently concerned with the question.”  The guidance puzzled me, which must have been obvious because as I looked up to make eye contact with my then doctoral advisor he met me with a wise, yet resolutely silent reply – an encounter I still remember vividly years later.    He […]

Sustaining Growth in the Gap: The Challenge of African Governance

By Djoudie Etoundi Africa’s Lions are indeed on the move, per McKinsey&Co’s highly successful characterization of Africa’s recent economic performances (the most cited report in history according to Lanre Akinola, editor of “This is Africa”). But although the Lions’ movements have been acknowledged, the route they must travel onward still remains murky to most observers. So […]

The equations of Africa’s Frontier Integration

Written by: Djoudie Etoundi The economic emergence of Africa has been so sudden that many observers still can’t quite wrap their heads around it. But you know something big is going on when the Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey publish almost simultaneously studies tracking the continent’s growth; or when Wal-Mart and the Carlyle Group announce […]