From the Desk of the Former President…

By Amir Emadi I need your help. Yes, it’s another survey, but please read below as to why. Jim Harnden, Thunderbird’s very customer-oriented CIO, and the rest of the IT team are willing and able to help resolve any IT issues we may have, but the best way to gauge these needs is through your […]

ThunderCares: T-birds Give Back

By Soumya Sivadas This year, instead of writing about ThunderCares, we thought we would  show you. We want to show you what students, faculty, and staff came together to accomplish this past Saturday. All over the world, alumni joined in as they partook in service activities in their local regions. It was an incredible experience […]

The Real Team Is The One That Doesn’t Wait To Help

By Kelly Swanson Welcome to all the new On-Demand students that are getting started and a heartfelt shout out to everyone who is studying hard and getting prepared for finals for their quarters. We all experience tough times, whether it be financial, business, or personal. It is through these experiences that we grow, mature, and […]

Where Am I?

By Kelly Swanson Friday Feb 15 2013 6:00AM. Making breakfast for my birthday girl, my wife. 7:00AM. Boxing and working out in the garage. 7:45AM. Shower 8:00AM. Eat 9:00AM. Leave for train to SFO Airport 10:00AM. On the train reading homework. 11:00AM. I am about to board a plane as I am writing from the […]

A TOAST to $23,340 in Student Raised Funds for Food for the Hungry

By Mohammed Abu Zeinab Pat Lockwood, a customer service representative of the Food for the Hungry (FH) Organization contacted our Toastmasters VP of Community Outreach, Tiffany Law, on several attempts to process the total raised funds of $2,000 from last semester’s charity dinner. All to finally conclude with this message “We actually processed the $970 general […]