Regional Night Spring 2016: Ensemble

By Emma Livingston, Co-Editor Thunderbird’s last Regional Night of Spring 2016 took place Saturday April 2nd. The theme was “Ensemble” and the dinner menu impressively managed to incorporate cuisine from four continents: pierogis from Europe, feijoada and empanadas from South America, injera and atkilt wat from Africa and even pepperoni pizza from North America. After […]

Fútbol y Tacos

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer Last Friday the Latin American Business and Culture Club and the Thunderbird Football Club teamed up to host what was probably the most successful event, besides regional night, so far this semester. I recount the day’s events below: Fridays are supposed to be easy here at Camp Thunderbird, at least […]

Latin American Business and Culture Club: Volleyball Tournament

By Lauren Herber, Staff Writer On Saturday, October 3 the Latin American Business and Culture Club hosted a Brazilian beach volleyball tournament. The tournament featured 12 teams of four people each, with each team representing a Latin American country. Latin music was played throughout the event, and participants were encouraged to stay at the event […]

A (Regional) Night to Remember!

650+ attendees. 16+ performances. 10+ menu items. Best. Regional. Night. Ever. Kudos to every single person who made it an extremely entertaining evening – the Latin American Business and Culture Club, ThunderDance, TSG and the ThunderPlanners. It indeed was a perfect evening to experience the truest spirit of American culture. Probably no other regional night has […]

Brazilian Consulting Firm CEO Speaks to Students at Thunderbird

By Matt Serafin, MS ’12 Thunderbird students had the opportunity on Sept. 14, 2012, to see Dr. Daniel Motta, CEO of Brazilian Management Institute, a leading Brazilian niche consulting firm. Dr. Motta and BMI are global business partners both of Thunderbird as well as MIT, and they work all over Latin America including with well […]