When Beliefs Change

By Tanner Weigel, Staff Writer The Amazon Video series The Man in the High Castle explores a world in which Axis powers have prevailed in World War II. In this scenario, Japan now occupies the Western United States, and Nazi Germany has taken control of the East. This concept alone is interesting in its own right, […]

Origins of Voodoo

By Chanel McFollins, Staff Writer What comes to mind when you think of Voodoo? Spooky possessed objects and trinkets, Voodoo dolls, spells, demonic worshiping? As a kid, these are the things I thought about if I heard the word Voodoo, but it wasn’t until I got older that I stopped and asked myself questions to […]

A Mormon Regional Night

By Taylor Bradford Mormon Thunderbirds are proud to host a Mormon Culture Night at Thunderbird on November 12th at the TEC. There will be panels about everything from prominent Mormon leaders in business, to how to get started with your genealogy . Come prepared for a wonderful experience, and a lot of education. Today, The […]

Faculty Column: The Power of Storytelling

By Professor Rick Baer In this trimester’s Global MarComm class, I decided to highlight the power of storytelling–as this idea is getting great exposure as the current “magic potion” to motivate and engage customers and consumers. The idea of storytelling as an effective means of MarComm is not new, however. Religions have been great storytellers […]