Summerim in Asia: Trends in China, Life in Singapore

By Bryce Bower, Editor in Chief This last summer I had the pleasure of exploring Shanghai and Singapore with a group of my fellow Thunderbird students. Under the tutelage of Professor Booth, we toured companies like Honeywell, Amazon, and GM/Buick. We met with dozens of Thunderbird Alumni working in Singapore and Shanghai, and learned about […]

A Journey Taken

By Aaron White, Guest Writer A couple of weeks ago a handful of OMGM’s embarked on a journey. One group went off to Lima and the other to Singapore. Unbeknownst to all of us, while our destinations were different, we were all going on the same trip, following the same path, which led to the […]

The Malaysia Module: All Work and No Play? Never!

By Shelley Flenniken, ’15 Wawasan 2020 or “Vison” 2020 was introduced by the former Prime Minister, Mahathir bin Mohamad, in 1991 and calls for Malaysia to be a self-sufficient industrialized nation by the year 2020.  Now, only six years away from 2020 how close is Malaysia to reaching its goal? So many of the factors […]

The Malaysia Module: First Feelings

By Karunakaren M H, ’15 I began my Southeast Asian adventure with a pit stop at Singapore. The week was all about jetlag, family reunions and delicious home cooked meals. The moment I landed in the city, an air of familiarity struck me thanks to the language and people. My first distinctive experience came immediately […]

4S – 4 times the fun!

So how many countries can you boast of having you visited in two weeks? Ask the guys of the 4S Winterim. Participants of this particular Winterim visit 4 key cities in 4 Asian countries in the span of just two weeks! From video conferences at Cisco to attending meetings in “casual” wear, the 4S have […]