eileen-borrisBy Dr. Eileen Borris, Thunderbird Adjunct Professor

My work as a licensed psychologist ranges from marriage and relationship counseling to facilitation of peace dialogues in war-torn countries. Everywhere people interact and communicate, they must navigate the complexities of human psychology. This includes corporate boardrooms and business school classrooms. If managers do not understand the emotions and needs of their customers, employees, partners and regulators — or even their own emotions and needs — they will miss key opportunities to gain competitive advantage. The more you can understand where someone is coming from and what they value, the better you are able to work with them and create mutual value for all parties involved.

Dr. Eileen Borris, a licensed psychologist, is the author of “Finding Forgiveness” (McGraw-Hill). She is Director of Training for the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy in Washington, D.C., and teaches cross-cultural communication and negotiation at Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona. In addition to her work with full-time students, she teaches in the Thunderbird Online program, Executive Certificate in Global Negotiations.


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