News from IBIC

MOBILE APPS for DATABASES More online resources are developing apps for phones, iPads and other mobile devices. IBIC has set up a link  under “Search IBIC Resources” on its MTB page where students can link to various apps as they are developed and released. Currently these are available for the FT, Ebrary, and Business Source […]

Global Photo Contest NOW OPEN!

This year’s Global photo Contest is going viral! Between AZ time January 24th 00:00am to January 31st, 2012  11:59PM, contestants will have to upload photos of themselves in global locations wearing T-bird attire to our Thunderbird Facebook Page: Photos that receive the most “Likes” on the page between the allocated time will be the winner! […]

Thunderbird Online Executive Certificates

Thunderbird Online provides online executive certificates to working professionals in either an 8-week course, or 24-week executive certificate.  Courses begin on the first Monday of every month.  Each 8-week course is comprised of faculty lectures, interactive activities, case studies, facilitated discussion forums and quizzes throughout the program.  Thunderbird Online has educated participants in 138 locations from 35 countries outside of […]

Occupy Nigeria

While my peers were on winterims, I was in Nigeria as part of the Occupy Nigeria movement. Although I was home to visit my family and really only occupied my bedroom, I still felt the impact of the Occupy Nigeria movement. Nigeria is the largest producer of oil in Africa but because Nigeria lacks functioning […]