Thunderbird Online Executive Certificates

GeneralThunderbird Online provides online executive certificates to working professionals in either an 8-week course, or 24-week executive certificate.  Courses begin on the first Monday of every month.  Each 8-week course is comprised of faculty lectures, interactive activities, case studies, facilitated discussion forums and quizzes throughout the program.  Thunderbird Online has educated participants in 138 locations from 35 countries outside of the US, and has 9 certificate offerings at this time including Global Business Essentials, Global Finance, Global Marketing, Global Leadership, and more.

The following are testimonials from our some of our past participants:

TBIRD ALUM: Executive Certificate Participant: “The class is well thought out. It is global and local centric in terms of what should be considered in the sustainability spectrum. As a TBird alum, I was aware of the executive education programs at the school. Thunderbird has been producing well thought out programs for over 30 years. After my career was influenced by Thunderbird, I recognized I had reached a distinctively different path. I can attest that I am pleased and look forward to completing the Thunderbird Online program.”

Executive Certificate Participant: “I chose a Thunderbird online certificate because of the quality and structure of the courses. The material and information have immediate applicability to my job. The online learning programs allow me the flexibility to do the work according to my schedule within the week. I have been very impressed by the quality instruction and the structure of the online classes.”


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