TEM Lab accepts applications for summer projects

clientTEM Lab is still accepting applications for summer projects in Liberia, China, Angola, Vietnam and Kenya.  In particular we have two major projects with the Liberian Government, working with the Liberian National Investment Commission to prepare Social Enterprises for international investors.  We are still looking for students for these projects.

A few things you should know about TEM Lab:

  • TEM Lab pays for your airfare, lodging and business expenses when you work on a project
  • International students can now do a TEM Lab in their last Tbird module and still be eligible for OPT!
  • TEM Lab and the registrar can and will work with you to arrange your schedule to accommodate TEM Lab.  You might be surprised at how flexible we can be, so come and see us if you are interested in a project
  • Email program director Charles Reeves with any questions: charles.reeves@thunderbird.edu, or see our website on MTB: Thunderbird Emerging Markets Laboratory

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