Thunderbird Soccer team draws in exciting match

The Thunderbird soccer team recently began its season with the Scottsdale League, playing other clubs throughout the valley.  Games are played off-campus every Sunday in North/South Scottsdale.  The roster is filled with several current students and alumni located throughout the valley.   The season started with a rough patch as the record moves to 1-2-1.  Updates […]

Thunderbird TV Commercials

Thunderbird is launching an exciting branding and marketing campaign in Houston, Salt Lake City and Phoenix with its first-ever televised commercial in March. Please share the commercial link with your friends, post it to your social media profiles, and let the world know about Thunderbird! The world needs more… In today’s global marketplace, there’s […]

Help us create Thunderbird’s next tagline!

An organization’s tagline is an important driver of brand recognition. Just like those referenced in this image, a successful tagline resonates with consumers and is easy to remember. It’s time we harnessed the power of Thunderbird in a powerful, memorable tagline as well. With the mass globalization of business, Thunderbird is surrounded by a slew […]

Thunderbird Worldwide Super First Tuesday

Calling all Thunderbird students— if you have a friend or contact anywhere in the world who you think might make a great T-bird, you may want to invite them to participate in Super First Tuesday this upcoming March 6. Super First Tuesday is Thunderbird’s largest global recruiting and networking event— happening in locations as varied […]

Thai Tai Market Fair

By Thai Smile Club and Taiwan Club A strong relationship between Thai and Taiwanese T-birds was the starting point of the creation of this event. Thai Smile club initiated the idea of doing a Thai temple fair combined with Taiwanese night market at the Fish. “We would love to share our culture with our fellow […]

Withdrawal Maliki is betting on Iraq being strong enough

Written by: Djoudie Etoundi The US chattering classes have been bent on debating to death whether President Obama’s announced withdrawal of all US troops constitutes a strategic defeat or rescued the US from a quagmire. Unbeknownst or uninteresting to them, is the reality of the New Iraq, which happens to be of much greater relevance […]

Global Women Entrepreneurs

Jenny Lee: ‘I try to balance my life’ Jobs were scarce when Jenny Lee finished college and returned to her native Malaysia. So the information technology professional decided to start her own company in 1998. “A few of my friends came to me and asked how to do certain things, and they asked for computer […]

The equations of Africa’s Frontier Integration

Written by: Djoudie Etoundi The economic emergence of Africa has been so sudden that many observers still can’t quite wrap their heads around it. But you know something big is going on when the Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey publish almost simultaneously studies tracking the continent’s growth; or when Wal-Mart and the Carlyle Group announce […]

Put a Ring on Everything

Frankly speaking, I am shocked that no MBA student or at least an MS student has started a business to solve this problem. Have you ever  spent 15 minutes buying drinks and chatting up a lady with your finest “elevator speech” only to discover that she already has a boyfriend? Or walked up to a […]

Story behind our Online Garage Sale

Do you know the story behind the Online Garage Sale on Facebook? Do you know the team behind the scene? Come and find out about true student entrepreneurs in Thunderbird. Online Garage Sale was founded by Team Ventura on June 26, 2011. The Facebook webpage is a platform for T-birds to sell and buy stuff […]