Thunderbird Worldwide Super First Tuesday


Calling all Thunderbird students— if you have a friend or contact anywhere in the world who you think might make a great T-bird, you may want to invite them to participate in Super First Tuesday this upcoming March 6. Super First Tuesday is Thunderbird’s largest global recruiting and networking event— happening in locations as varied as Islamabad, Pakistan to Boise, Idaho. This is a great way to share the Thunderbird experience with friends and family who are not able to join you in Glendale.

Each event is different— for example, Thunderbird professor Mary Teagarden will be presenting at the event in Washington D.C., Professor Ram will be presenting at the event in San Francisco, and Professor Glen Fong will be at the event in New York City. Super First Tuesday is also about fun— the San Diego is hosting an event with local wine and music at the Minegi International Museum in Balboa Park. It would be great for Thunderbird students to refer friends, family and other contacts to join us for this special event all over the world!

More information of the First Tuesday events available at: