Thai Tai Market Fair

419347_182151065228855_100003018892073_264287_188268354_n By Thai Smile Club and Taiwan Club

A strong relationship between Thai and Taiwanese T-birds was the starting point of the creation of this event. Thai Smile club initiated the idea of doing a Thai temple fair combined with Taiwanese night market at the Fish. “We would love to share our culture with our fellow T-birds and simply let them experience our traditional games and cuisines. “ said Thai Smile Club. As T-birds, we all believe that we have global mindset. One way to expand on that is to open ourselves up to new experiences and immerse in new cultural activities.

There were 8 game stalls – 3 by Taiwan Club and 4 by Thai Smile Club including a fortune telling booth. The goal of the evening was to earn as many tickets as possible to bid for prizes, to redeem for food and to play more games. The aim was to introduce T-birds to Thai and Taiwanese traditional games. Over twenty prizes ranging from gift cards to microwave were fiercely bid by the attendees.  tt

The event was a great success and very well received by the Thunderbird community. Students had as much fun bidding for prizes as playing the games. Both the Thai Smile Club and Taiwan Club have received many positive feedback about this event. We appreciate the support of the Thunderbird community and promised to continue delivering more fun and engaging activities in the future.

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