Harvard Africa Business Conference Share out

images (1)After a grueling end of module midterms last week and this one, ABC would like to bring some sunshine back to you days with a share-out of the experiences and lessons our members took away from attending the 14th annual Harvard Africa Business Conference in Boston last week.
We had the opportunity to meet many international companies focusing on the continent as the next high growth market (Bain  and Company, Renaissance Capital, IBM, Unilever, Google, Mckinsey and major African banks etc), African entrepreneurs and managers cornering new markets and strategies in fields as diverse as education, private equity, health-care, and even and government and international organization officials analyzing the impact of China, India or Brazil on Africa’s rise.
We also noticed opportunities for jobs as well as influence for our school and our many and vibrant clubs and we want to share it with everyone interested in emerging markets, not just Africa. Meet us at dead-hour on Thursday and we will answer questions and share contacts.

From the Thunderbird Africa Business Club

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