Asia Regional Night-Blew your mind away

dastor asia

One of the most successful regional nights that we have held at the TAC so far. Thanks to the professional event management team and the administration for handling the sound system and  fabrication of the TAC, we were able to hold yet another eventful night showcasing the talent at Thunderbird. Covering 7 different countries namely Thailand, China, Taiwan, India, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam presented not only their delicious food but  also put on a stellar performance. From Mongolian Beef to Gulab Jamun, we had a variety of dishes suitable for the everyone’s taste buds. The slow numbers like the traditional Chinese dance to the foot tapping Bollywood beats, we had the crowd wrapped for a whole hour and thirty minutes.

To end the celebratory evening, we had Global Sounds playing at the pub. Till date one of their best and yet unique  performances and having the crowd cheering them on all they way. They performed various regional numbers, notably played a Fusion version the song, Roja, composed by the Academy Award winner, A.R Rahman. This left the audience spell bound.

Regional nights at Thunderbird always bring out our cultural heritage and portray the true diversity this school is made of.

Without the work of the Thunderbird Student Government and the Regional Clubs, last night would not have been the same.

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