TEMBA Bazaar

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer Last Wednesday, the old pub played host to the biannual festival that only a T-bird would know of if you were so inclined to bring it up outside of the Thunderbubble. Yes, the traditional, cultured fiesta known as the TEMBA Bazaar has been a school staple for decades now. One […]

Thunderbird 70th Anniversary: Calling All Classes!

By Emma Livingston, Co-Editor This past weekend, Thunderbird celebrated its 70th Anniversary with an All Class Reunion. The festivities started for me early in the week, with a dinner at Pappadeaux with a Japanese alum from 1991, and continued to build momentum as maintenance mounted an elegant white picket fence to vastly expand the outdoor […]

Regional Night Spring 2016: Ensemble

By Emma Livingston, Co-Editor Thunderbird’s last Regional Night of Spring 2016 took place Saturday April 2nd. The theme was “Ensemble” and the dinner menu impressively managed to incorporate cuisine from four continents: pierogis from Europe, feijoada and empanadas from South America, injera and atkilt wat from Africa and even pepperoni pizza from North America. After […]

Thunderbird’s First Annual Night of the Open Door

By Emma Livingston, Co-Editor On February 20, 2016, Thunderbird participated in our first Night of the Open Door, an annual ASU event held across all campuses that welcomes the greater community in for a first-hand look at what’s happening at the school. From the Snell Rooms to the Tower, Thunderbird campus was buzzing with the […]

Regional Night Under the Stars

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer In what initially began as an uphill battle, this past Saturday’s Regional Night proved to be a success, drawing large numbers of T-birds and demonstrating that intangible we all like to refer to as the Thunderbird Mystique, which differentiates us from other graduate level business schools. With the Thunderbird Event […]

Trans-Continental Wedding Celebrations at the EMEA Regional Night

By, David J Roman Several hundred Thunderbirds packed the TEC on Saturday, October 5th to participate in the EMEA Regional Night. Jeff Karlick and Candice Sparks took the stage to MC the event, their mock-wedding and trans-continental honeymoon adventure taking the audience to the UK, Tanzania, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Italy, […]

The Graduates at Kimmyz

It’s another Thursday night in the epicenter of global thought, Glendale, Arizona, and the usual crowd of Thursday night owls have seized a dive bar normally filled with leather appareled bikers and broken dreams, Kimmyz (not a spelling error).  Tonight, though, it’s filled with the sounds of The Graduates, Thunderbird’s own student band, and the […]

American Fiesta!

If there were any other way to fire up a Campus Preview weekend, the Americas Regional Night definitely trumped it! From the amazing, authentic food courtesy of the impeccable culinary decisions of the Latin American Business Club to the Mariachi singers specially brought in to pep up the crowd to the dashing dance performances by […]

Global Sounds Rock the Pub!

By: Harshit Shah, MS ’12 GLOBAL SOUNDS brought the pub down on Thursday, and how! As soon as Matthew Earley & Connor Clark kicked off the gig with a very creative rap about T-birds slogging off at the IBIC, Commons & including the chant of the Tarantulas  (AAAAH!!!), you knew the night was going to […]

Global Sounds in the Building

Global Sounds, our very own Thunderbird band is playing live this coming Pub Nite, Thursday 4th October, 9:30 onwards. Time to bring back some Blues, Rap & Good ol’ Classick Rock. This Thursday the members playing are: Connor Clark- Rapper, Ukele and Drummer Matthew Earley- Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist, Harmoniza Travis Richardson- Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist, Harm Katy Spada- […]