Global Sounds Rock the Pub!


By: Harshit Shah, MS ’12

GLOBAL SOUNDS brought the pub down on Thursday, and how!

As soon as Matthew Earley & Connor Clark kicked off the gig with a very creative rap about T-birds slogging off at the IBIC, Commons & including the chant of the Tarantulas  (AAAAH!!!), you knew the night was going to be one to remember. Travis Richardson, Geoff Howell, Radhesh Khungar & Katy Spada kept it going with the soothing cover of “Wonderwall” by Oasis. Not sticking to one particular genre, some trippy reggae music was on show with Geoff singing “Bad Fish” by James Mackey.

Jessica Wong & Anush Kumar joined the party in a mash up of “Stand by Me” & “Beautiful girls”, with Connor (a.k.a C-Nugget) bringing some rap back in the house. “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers got the crowd into the act with the obvious HO’s &  HEY’s. When you’d expect the band to stick to slow & crowd swaying songs, “Song 2” by Blur (The Woohoo Song!) got the crowd pumped up for the other half of the set. Harshit Shah, Kuang-Po Lee (Jullian), Travis, Geoff & Radhesh made sure that the head bangers were pleased.

Thomas Carpenter with his arpeggios in “Clocks” by Coldplay stepped in to relax the crowd after all the head banging! To end the night with a bang, Geoff went berserk on the drums (yes, the drumsticks actually broke into two pieces!)   & Travis ripped the riff off “I Got Mine” by Black Keys. The backstage support from TSG (Amir, Jesse, Nikhil getting the sound setup perfect) & Shutters Club (Nishit & Ashwathy with their creative light setup & pictures) made sure this week’s pub night was a very memorable one indeed!

Videos from the night:

Connor and Matthew intiate the event with a rap


I got mine, Bad Fish by Geoff and Travis


Wonderwall, Oasis by Travis


Standby Me +Beautiful Girls, Sean Kingston by Matthew


Bad Fish, James Mackey by Geoff


Ho Hey, Lumineers by Matthew and Anush on the drums


Song 2, Blur by Geoff


Clocks, Coldplay by Matthew


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