Das Tor Survey Results

Thank you for those who participated in the Das Tor survey. We hope the survey bring you smile, fun and relaxation at the end of your graduate program at Thunderbird. As of April 7, Das Tor has collected 65 responses. Below are the survey results for you.







Question #7: Final words to Thunderbird:

  1. You gave me a lot, but you pissed me off often..!!
  2. I am going to miss the late night A dorm chit chats with my friends
  3. This survey is boring and just waste of time
  4. lower tuition costs
  5. Get Drunk! Be Thrashed! Be TBirds!
  6. I love you, hate you, you are the best!!
  7. Amaaaaazzzing!
  8. Thanks for the two most amazing years of my life…
  9. “Without this education environment
  10. No further progress toward my vision.
  11. I love Thunderbird and am honored to be a member.”
  12. Lower the price…your value is overrated.
  13. Good luck and enjoy!
  14. Thank you and I love you. 2 years in Thunderbird is the best memory for me. I have done things that I did not do in the past years. You created a new “me”.
  15. When I look back at 2 yrs which have passed by like a blitzkrieg, I just found a way how there can be an oasis created in the centre of a desert! Thanks for all the memories:)
  16. Learn and have fun!
  17. it’s been real.
  18. I love you
  19. i always wonder if this place would’ve even existed, if we did not have a pub on campus…
  20. Thanks for making me a better global citizen and future businessman
  21. Life is not about money, its about leaving a mark! Like Steve Job says “Leave a ding in the universe”
  22. Move Thunderbird to California !
  23. You were great!
  24. “Thank you for helping me understand my true potential.
  25. I am most thankful for the people I met here my best friend and my to be handsome husband :)”
  26. May the campus always be a place where men and women come to learn about business, life and the world!
  27. Study hard ! play hard !
  28. Make as many friends as you can…You would be surprised how many countries you would touch!!
  29. Hasta la vista baby

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