Thunderbird stunned HBS on Rugby field

teamBy Onyeka Azike

Members of the Thunderbird rugby team journeyed to Daneville, Virginia for the 32nd Annual MBA Rugby Tournament hosted by Duke University. After the one and a half hour drive from Raleigh airport, NC to Daneville, VA, the ruggers prepped for the next day’s game the best way possible – by loading up on delicious pasta and checking out the competition at Friday’s night social.

On Saturday morning at 9:30am, the Thunderbird ruggers prepared to take down Harvard Business School (HBS). If we can’t take them down a notch in MBA rankings, we can at least take them down a notch on the rugby pitch. With yells like “Get behind the kicker” and “ruck over”, Thunderbird stunned HBS with sweet tackles, rucks and by running through gaps in their defense for a final score of 24-8.

On Sunday morning, with bruises, stiff shoulders, strained muscles and bodies that ached everywhere, Thunderbird ruggers prepared to repeat Saturday’s success in the game against Cornell. Even though several ‘dismembered’ members of the team were substituted with ruggers from other schools like Smurfit in Ireland, amongst others, Thunderbird won the match, advancing to the semi finals with a score of 19-8.

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