Thunderbird’s (publicly) Hidden Treasure

Ever felt jealous when you looked at those awesome videos that other colleges always seem to have up on Youtube? Like the one with the drunk freshman attempting a handstand in the middle of a road? Or the bunch of teenage girls that do a (very bad) rendition of an (equally bad) Rebecca Black song? Ever wondered why Thunderbird never had videos that were as cool as that? Obviously, you’ve been told that videos that are in the public domain need to be well thought out, lest they give out a bad image to recruiters, alumni or prospective students.

Before you start to comrapplain that you couldn’t care less what recruiters/other outsiders thought of our school, you must indulge in a brief Youtube search for Thunderbird videos. You will be happy overjoyed ecstatic to find out that Thunderbird does, in fact, have an equally awesome video up on the supreme video domain. And what’s more, it’s actually directed towards the alumni (in case you were worried about this not reaching anyone outside school). This seems like a bit of a wasteful effort though, because our ungrateful alumni don’t seem to appreciate the non-mediocrity of this video. The top rated comment on Youtube (presumably by the alumni) reads: “I will make a ‘donation’ for this video to be taken down.”

But we shouldn’t let that down our spirits. Frankly, do we even care what the alumni think of us or the school? It’s not like they help us with jobs or networking or donations or anything……

P.S. These are the views of a select few. If you feel differently, please write in to us at: or comment below


12 thoughts on “Thunderbird’s (publicly) Hidden Treasure

  1. “Frankly, do we even care what the alumni think of us or the school? It’s not like they help us with jobs or networking or donations or anything……”

    I doubt if the “select few” will ever contribute to the school once they are alums themselves. Considering how they don’t care about the alumni network, I doubt so. Has the “select few” done any research on the ratio of donations and jobs brought in by the alums and otherwise??

    When there are esteemed alums who take their time out to “volunteer” to serve on the Thunderbird Global Council and the Board, both of whom who met this week, collective descriptions such as “ungrateful alumni” should have been reconsidered.

  2. I second Well Wisher a 100% !

    “Frankly, do we even care what the alumni think of us or the school? It’s not like they help us with jobs or networking or donations or anything……” How could you assume that?

    My tuition fees are half-financed by a scholarship that is funded entirely by Tbird alumni. Since I have started my MBA, I met many alum in many cities in US, Europe, Africa who all care about the school, contribute with their time, money or both and are so proud of our DNA…

    You cannot post creative funny vids on youtube and not expect that some viewers won’t like it…Ability to accept criticism is an asset that apparently you need to develop.

  3. I really, really think this video boosts the credibility of the school and the students. Anyone who criticizes the dedication of those responsible does not really what it shows about the school, its students and alumni. It is a very positive reflection of the school.

  4. It is shocking that the alumni have been mentioned “ungrateful” because believe it or not this network is the one that has significantly helped me, like many others, since I have joined Thunderbird. Alumnus’ request to take the video off was for the good of the school.

    One should really choose one’s words especially when you are writing for Das Tor.

  5. Hello Mr. Par Parvathaneni, I am the producer of the video (while employed at Thunderbird) and I worked with the Thunderbird’s President Cabrera, Dr. Hosseini (one of Thunderbird’s longest tenured professors), some stellar MBA students, and some great staff in order to create this video. Please see my article in this professional journal for fundraisers for more detail (IMHO the video is far above those that you reference)

    I think your reasoning is flawed regarding your concern:
    1st: To be concerned that a recruiter would find this is absurd. Do recruiters really spend time filtering through web materials that do NOT have a particular candidate’s name attached to them? There are more than 1,000 videos posted on Thunderbird’s Youtube channel…plenty of them demonstrating the ‘serious’ side of Thunderbird. * This video shows their creative/humorous side (very subjective I know).

    2nd: In the unlikely event that a recruiter had the time to watch the video, I believe that the story of the video (and the printed description) is enough for person of decent intelligence to perceive that this is a parody. And frankly, I personally think that many of the mostly ‘anonymous’ (cowardly in my mind) comments made by “presumed” students and alumni speak far less of our students’ maturity level than the video itself.

    3rd: Calling it a “wasteful effort” based on one anonymous comment that has 15 ‘likes’ compared to more than 5,000 views is unsound. Please apply solid business analysis to your arguments.

    4th: Finally, I must say that your effort seems rather wasteful to me. A quick review of the video’s stats demonstrate that views and activity have been nearly idle for more than 18 months (It was first posted in January 2011). You have successfully raised attention for something that 1) you wish would go away – but really already has and 2)is ancient news in today’s internet connected world.

    PLEASE Mr. Parvathaneni and concerned MBA’s, TAKE THE VIDEO FOR WHAT IT IS: a light hearted review of one of the most commonly accepted (and sometimes annoying) methods of fundraising.

    *By the way, you might to review some of the less-than-serious videos of regional nights posted in the Youtube channel. While they demonstrate the multicultural and fun side of Thunderbirds…I would have to say that there are some embarrassing moments that may cause a recruiter – by virtue of association – to reconsider your candidacy for a serious job.

    keith …

    1. Hi Keith,

      Great job on the video. It is the life of a video producer isn’t it? The criticisms, the inept opinions by those who neither no how to produce, nor do they attempt to get in front of an audience and express themselves. I have worked in public broadcasting and corporate videos; while its not HBO, its still an experience that most people never experience. You have produced a quality video showing technical skill and good cutting technique for a great cause. My cause. The Thunderbird Cause! As a new student ODXVI, I appreciate the wonderful people that really go out of their way to make a new student feel at home. One word of advice that a great film producer gave me. Don’t recognize the critics( as you did) relish and recognize the praise. Just the praise, is all that counts. Critics have never produced an iota of material in there life and they continue to do that in exemplary fashion. Mind you, listen to the critics, but don’t take much to heart. They don’t know anything. This video was great. Its very cute, and really shows how dedicated our student body is. Our alumni are among the best in the world. They are very gracious, and continue to support many endeavors for Thunderbird. Stand proud misfit! keep making great products! The real students support you!!

  6. Dear Well Wisher, David and Munish,

    Thank you for your comments.

    Just to clarify, this article was written as an entirely sarcastic piece (apparently it did not carry over).

    We obviously know, understand and agree that alumni are very important to the fabric of the school.

    The purpose of this article was to generate some discussion about publicly available content, and we’re glad to have received comments representing both sides of the argument.

  7. Hello Team Das Tor,

    I understand your take at humor, but definitely not at the cost of T-bird alums who actively help current students.

    A business school of repute needs to manage its reputation in a proactive manner and this article (and the video), does its bit in maligning the school’s reputation.

    Request you to kindly take down the video and this article or at least, have a disclaimer before the article which says that this none of the views expressed below are true.

    Das Tor is not a bloggers paradise, neither is it a local humor forum. Request you to please understand the implications of these articles before making them public.

    I appreciate the time and effort that goes into such creative pieces of writing,it’s the content that bothers me.



  8. I’m a fan of the video. But I also understood that Vinay was being sarcastic. The author clearly values the contributions and opinions of alumni.

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